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Three essential tools to develop a DApp on the Ethereum Blockchain

How to develop a DApp on the Blockchain? Where to start? What are the tools?

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Blockchain Alternative: the Tangle from IOTA

Could we get rid of the blockchain? Is there a way to design a decentralized system that does not rely on the blockchain? What would they look like? In the following, we dig into a blockchain alternative: the _Tangle_.

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How Proof Of Work works and why try to get rid of it?

We hear a lot about Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake. And It’s hard to talk about Blockchain Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum without getting into mining. But what is Proof Of Work? How does it work and how does it relate to mining? More critical: why are some projects trying to get rid of it?

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How to implement a Blockchain Structure?

The role and algorithms of Blockchain structure are familiar now. But how to implement these? Here's a detailed example.

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